• Customized Web Crawling and Data Extraction Services
    Each web crawling project is unique and a highly personalized solution is required to make it work perfectly.

Custom Web Crawling Solution For Data Extraction

Our web crawling solution provides web data exactly as you need it at the desired frequency via your favoured delivery medium.

  • If you want to repetitively extract specific data fields from one or more websites, this is the ultimate solution.

  • We can provide data from unlimited websites with any kind of data fields at any number of data feed at any frequency.

  • We can send these data into a structured format (XML, JSON, CSV).

  • We support to overcome structural changes in the website or any ban issues and you just feed the data to your business.

how does it works

All organizations have recognized the importance of insightful data for business growth from eCommerce and retail to media and entertainment. However, they are often indecisive about the potential with data on the web and the acquisition of relevant data sets.Here is some of use cases for you to explore possibilities with structured data.

E-commerce product feeds and price comparison

Companies can have easy access to a complete product listing from specific categories along with all the product specifications and prices listed together from E-commerce companies websites.

Scrape clothing data from fashion sites via API

Fashion e-tailer Companies can track fashion by taking data from competitiors website via scraping.

Price Monitoring for Electronic Components Manufacturers and Distributors

A Mobile phone components distributor monitors competitor prices to run their pricing strategy.

Product pricing and reviews from customer sites

Real estate companies access estate prices, and reviews from their competitiors web sites.

Finance data in near-real time

Financial research company can have copetitors bank credit rates accesses blend of market and social data in order to build a signalling recommendation engine.

Scraping Bank Websites to Power Credit Card Comparison Portal

Popular credit card comparison portals can scrape bank sites to fuel their comparison engine.

Airfare Data from Airline and Online Travel Sites

Airline companies can power competitors monitoring and pricing intelligence activities by accessing airfare data.

Monitoring flight schedules to power analytics solution

Airline companies can powers their pricing intelligence systems using price data extracted from competitors web sites.

Pricing optimization by crawling hotel prices on daily basis

Travel portals power their pricing intelligence systems using price data extracted from competitors.

Hotel Review Scraping from the Web

Extract all reviews about hotels for various websites to power analytics decision system.

Extracting Medicine Details from Pharmaceutical Websites

Extracting Medicine Details from Pharmaceutical Websites.Medicine companies can track illegal medicine on websites.

Twitter Scraping for Sentiment Analysis

Entertainment companies can perform sentiment analysis on top of tweets mentioning about their movies and series.

Continuous news feeds in near real-time

Media houses can access and download data to build content around relevant topic.

Extracting content from news sites

Media websites can follow the data of other media websites for tracking current news.

Building extensive and high volume car data feeds

An enterprise from automobile car rental domain accesses data extracted from car rental websites including classified sites

Web scraping to monitor brand on social media sites

Automobile manufacturer can use site-specific crawling for monitor social media sites to track mentions of their brand.

Scraping restaurant and menu Information

Online food delivery compaines can monitor wellknown resturants and their menus via scraping.

Extracting large-scale job data from popular job portals

Recruitment Companies or Head Hunters can track and analyze data which are job postings including job titles, location, wages, company profiles, Job descriptions and candidate resumes from their competitors via scraping

Building sports data repository via web crawling

Betting companies can need competitors odds to make odds analysis

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